Comic wedding invitation: Spray the humor around

Published: 08th December 2009
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Wedding invitation is the letter asking the receiver to attend the wedding. It is typically mailed two to five weeks before the wedding date. Invitations can be structured from an artist, or vendor specializing in invitations. For the creatively inclined, they can be handmade.

Wedding invitations are mailed in envelopes. The envelope is gummed for sealing and addressing. If they are given personally, there is no need to seal them.

Conventionally, the mother of the bride addresses the wedding invitations. However, if she chooses not to, the mother of the bride may contract out this responsibility to an expert calligrapher or a friend with good penmanship.

Offset printing, embossing, inkjet prints are some artistic skills to decorate your

Wedding invitation.

Generally, invitation is the formal, accepted way to invite your guests. It consists:

name of the host (or hosts)

Names of the celebrates

Requesting quotes for the guests

Date. Time, Venue

Dress code, theme (if applicable)

Poetic lines (optional)

Some trendsetters have started providing the agenda of the ceremony now-a-days. It helps guests for time management.

There are many samples of wedding invitations available on various websites. Wide range of invitations is there - simple invitations, decorative, with good penmanship etc.

If you want to add the spice or style in the wedding invitation, then you are reading the right article. Here are few suggestions for those who really like doing offbeat things.


Instead of decorations, paste funny cartoons in the attire of bride and groom on the envelope.

Suggestive witty pictures too can fulfill the idea. E.g. A picture of jail or birdcage and a quotation like "on the occasion of submitting our liberty to each other" or "farewell to individual independence", "in the nuptial custody" can create a warm humor.

The picture of a wedding couple posing for dance but the red rose in the mouth of the bride and the shy groom with her. Isn't it humorous? Just imagine the famous saying: "marriages are made in heaven" written to the context.

You can write down the recipe of "wed sandwich"- ingredients: the beautiful bride and her sincere groom, lot of love, pinch of anger, heat of expectations, and decoration of one or two little babies. Time: forever, till the end.

If you want to surprise your guests with the shock treatment you may add footers like:

1) Two entries are aloud per invitation.

2) Please carry this invitation card when you are inside the wedding hall.

3) Duplication fees for the invitation card: gifting twice/ sponsoring for a good

Honeymoon destination for the couple.

4) Fine for absence: provision of a month's grocery to the new- wed -couple.

First of all, for the honored guests you have to arrange a traditional invitation cards.

So, make a list of "fun -do" lovers who can digest or appreciate your wit and sense of humor.

Send them these invitations but don't forget to invite them in a formal way by an e-mail or a phone call.

Remember: "wit and rudeness are two different expressions which have very thin boundary parting them". So, be careful. "Respect to gain it back".

There are plenty ideas available. Just put on your humor caps and attract them to attend your ceremony for more entertainment. How to keep the flow on at the ceremony? You have to wait for the new post on this site.

Take care.

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